Events & Classes 

2020 EVENTS 


Casual Club meet ups

Thursday nites 5-9  orientation play

DATE:             June 

WHERE:             Clubhouse & Yard & Deck  - sign in the book to say your around 

WITH:               everyone


Keel Boat CLEAN & Paint:            Light Spirit

Sunday  June , low tide 9-3

WHERE     Burrard Civic Docks

WITH         Lannie T

Full Moon Sail     0 

Exactly - being in position & pausing for the moment

Where: Start @ Burrard Civic Docks;    then out past the Channel markers by sunset.  HobiCats alowed.

With:   Ken , Dave, Heidi, Lucas, Janet  Sue,  on Mischief, David, Lannie & Sarah on Aquavit , Blake on Seafever

               Possible Barnet Coop boats & crew drifting by as well. And Chris & Joel from the Simpley Sailing School

Keel Boat   Race = Water Cannon         Aquavit  /'''''''''' []

DATE       TBA  Sunday 5-11 PM 

WHERE     Off Kits Beach & Point ( meet at Burrard Marina  10 AM  then the gravel barge bouy.

WITH other BOATS:          Simply Sailing school, Mischief 27, Esam 2, 

WHO   any DSC clubbies who can toss a water-Baloon or pump out a Kayak 

FOLLOWED BY:   Beach BBQ and dry in the sand at Jerry's Cove

Bom teaching

DATE   Every Thursday 

WHERE   Clubroom & yard. 


Maintenance & how to fix things

DATE           June 1-15 



Hobie Cat teaching

DATE June 8  10-2

WHERE   Yard & Beach 

WITH    Ken C

~~~~~~~~__/?_ ~~~~~~ /\~~~~~~~~  __/|?_ ~~~~~

   Hobie Cat class & sailing

Ken C the Co-Commodore, is offering a 2 part Hobie Cat instruction:

When:  June 8 Saturday  10 am to  2pm

What::  -  In The Yard  -
To make use of this style of Catamaran Ken covers the how and why of design. The art of making two sticks and a a sail give you so much fun.  From this talk you will know when it is working as designed,  and safe for the style of sailing.

- On The Beach -
 This is what most folks think of as the class, rigging the sails,  and pushing off.  How to walk from your car to the boat and boat to water in 20 minutes.  

- In The Water –
From the 2 previous sessions you understand what your Cat will be doing and where your sweet spot is for which conditions.  And how to turn the whole thing around.

Please come for the whole package.

~~~~~~~~__/?_ ~~~~~~ /\~~~~~~~~  __/|?_ ~~~~~

Boats to Wreck Beach Day

DATE            June /  July


WITH             Barbarella

Laser teaching

DATE  As you need it


WITH           Brian T

Keel Boat dock instruction: Aquavit 

DATE:    As you require

WHERE            Burrard Marina 

WITH :               Dave /  Ken  /  Simon

Keel Boat Rendezvous:           Aquavit , MisChief,  Barnet Co-Op

DATE                June   Mentioned above 

WHERE           TBA    ( bring apple pies ) 

WITH :             Ken, Joal, Simon, Esam, 

Hobby Cat teaching

DATE:   As you need - ask Ken or Aaron

WHERE  near the Hobies East ramp

WITH   Ken or Aaron

Keel Boat dock instruction:            Aquavit 

DATE  :   as you need see Ken , David , Simon

WHERE            Burrard Marina 

WITH :               Simon

Canada Day Cruise - June 28 - July 2

Scheduled: June 28-July 2- 

Where: Gulf Islands - Montague, Ganges, Brentwood Bay, & Telegraph Harbour.

WHO: DSC members on :    Aquavit , Mischief , Sea Fever,  Barnet Co-Op


Lots of days on English Bay:            All dinghies Aquavit 

DATE  :   as you need,;  see Ken , David , Simon

WHERE           English Bay 

WITH :              All of us 

The Where is Co-Commodore Ken search:

DATE : most of July

Where :  English Bay/ Bowen Isle, DeCourcy Isle to Cortes Isle to Race ROcks

WITH:  Sailors that replies to the E-Mail requests for crew. 

Keel Boat dock instruction:            Aquavit 

DATE  :   as you need see Ken , David , Simon

WHERE            Burrard Marina 

WITH              Simon

Keel Boat & Hobi Cat Rendezvous:           Sail around Bowen Isle


WHERE  Burrard to Bowen on 3 boats _ lunch at Keets.

WITH   Ken or Mary, Vanessa,  Dave & some others


Keel Boat dock instruction:            Aquavit 

DATE  :   as you need see Ken , David , Simon

WHERE            Burrard Marina 

WITH :               Simon

Rendezvous Cruise - August 24 - 27

Scheduled: August 24, 2012 9:00

Where: Powell River

WHO     Aquavit & Mischief to Barnet Sailing Co-Op

        Sailed by this PAST STUFF: 

                              April   &   May 

Rigging Day & Hobby Cat teaching

DATE           April 14

WHERE            In the Yard

WITH              Aaron

Keel Boat dock instruction: Aquavit 

DATE                April 21

WHERE              Burrard Marina 

WITH :                  Ken

Beach BBQ  & Sunday short Sail

DATE:                 May 6     2-9 p.m. 

WHERE:             Picnic area & beach

WITH :             mary & daphane dave


DATE                   May 12

WHERE               in the yard with all the other clubs. 

WITH                  Ken, Warren,   Ira & you all

Introductory to Sailing Class

DATE  May 16  Wednesday ,  4-9 pm  (or when you arrive)

WHERE    Inside & in front of Clubroom

WITH   Ken Christie  ( 4 Students confirmed - use 3 boats & a Hobie Cat )


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