Delaminated Hulls 2

Repairing Delaminated Hulls - Direct Repair Through Access Hole


By Stephen M. Arrowsmith 

My method was different from Tami Shelton's "injection" method. I flipped my boat upside down and cut a rectangluar opening on the inside of the delam. hull. After carefully removing the foam and bad glass layer, new foam was added and glassed or, and then the opening was replaced. Since my hulls are blue, its hard to match that "faded" look, but they are very stiff. I sailed them in the round the island race and they stood up very well. 

I'm not sure which method is better, but I would think this method is stronger since you know that all the delamination has been fixed. 

Stephen M. Arrowsmith

Editor's Note: Stephen has offered to send scanned photos to accompany this tip. They will be published as soon as they are available. 

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