Personal Gear

     PERSONAL EQUIPMENT for local Day Sail on various DSC boats

Lifejacket & wetsuit ( full or partial ) especially on the HobiCat.

On bright sun days, a hat that stays on, sunglasses & sunscreen ,water to drink.

A nylon wind-breaker suit for cold days, old runners for ramp walking

PERSONAL EQUIPMENT for a 3 day sailing trip

1. Personal floatation device with. whistle, & strobe light (high intensity) -- a knife is a good idea also - it is good to have your own but we have some that we can lend.

2. Safety harness -- we have some of these also.

3. Light weight foul weather gear and gloves -- good white deck shoes.

4. Sunglasses with retainers

5. Sun hat with retainer

6. Sun screen, lip salve

7. Warm clothing, thermal underwear - 1 good layer of fleece - my choice is the HH heavy blue underwear and 200 polartech or similar pants and shirt & fleece vest.

8. Hot weather clothing. - shorts

9. Personal kit, towel, anti-motion medication - consult your doctor.

10. Clothing for reception and extra Beach Parties things should be packaged small and dry. You will be given your team clothing -- t-shirt, golf shirt & Ships Jacket Loaner. You need to have light tan shorts.

11. Day to day clothing should be considered expendable. T. Shirts, underwear, sox and shorts will be dumped not washed -- plan for 2-3 days between showers Or jump in the ocean, or spray off with the water bottles THERE ARE NO PRIVATE SHOWERS -AND SO THERE MAY BE OCCASIONAL NUDITY -- dirty T shirts & underwear stuffed in a group sack. The best plan is to pack 2 sets in a zip lock bag or even better vacuum pack them. Clothes will stay dry and take up less space.

All personal equipment to be stowed only in designated locations at all times - do not leave items on berths. Everything to be kept in 15x12x10 bin or on assigned hook

source: Notes from the Sailcraft School

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