Warren's Techniques for Shine

here's a list of things I think we need to get the job done.  Please let us know if I have missed something - everyone, please hit "REPLY TO ALL" (and add Lanny)

     I was looking at the old Aquavit 

the other day...she will need a new blue pin stripe too. (when Dave and I were 

washing off the blacks streaks (please use bumpers when refueling)...the current pin stripe "ran" 

blue paint down the side of the boat, so when we haul her:

prep to do beforehand:

A) take inventory of product we do have in clubroom


 buy more heavy duty polish (to remove oxidation) 3 litres? (1 gallon (cheaper & will get used) $200)  WILL DO/WARREN

buy wax 3 cans (1 gallon we will use - have top to do too) $100  WILL DO/WARREN

buy 4 heavy duty nylon bristle brushes with handles (they're 2"x5" ish)

buy hull paint  DONE/WARREN

buy 3x 2" paint brushes and green painters tape 100'  of 2" 

and 50' of 1.5" (plus one in case screw up)

buy paper towel x4-6 rolls

buy 60 and 120 g sandpaper (for prepping painted area)

buy isopropyl alcohol ( " ) 1litre

buy acetone 1 litre (*)

buy a bag of rags (or ask members to bring in old 

cotton/terrycloth towels)

buy one more cutting pad for polisher and two foam waxing pads $75 WILL DO/WARREN

buy paint scrapers x3 (for old paint/algae/ and any critters 

adhered to her)

buy paint scouring pads


load:  soap I bought    DONE/WARREN  

4 buckets for water\\

above products


step ladders x2 or 3

long handled brush, and our clup mop?

foam sanding blocks 

WATER HOSES AND  (?? FEET) for rinsing (or they probably have?)

club polisher/ polishing pads

      my club polisher/ polishing pads  (DONE/WARREN)

club's electric sander and 60 and 120 grit paper disks (we have (x6) 

(for below waterline painting prep)


We can protect her bottom and get her top half restored to her original glorious rich yellow 

that looks "shiny wet" even when dry.  (the crew we had 

last fall who were all there to help and get er done so we could 

get home ...was AWESOME.)


sailing!    2 knots faster top speed too!! Woo hoo!


 IF YOU CAN PICK SOME OF THIS/ALL OF THIS STUFF UP PUT YOUR NAME BY IT AND HIT "REPLY TO ALL" so everyone can see.  Give receipt to Malcolm for reimbursement.

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