Tie Knots


Boating: The Boating Knots are also listed in alphabetical order. Which ones are vital? 

We would love it if every person we took sailing knew how to tie a mooring line using a Round Turn with Two Half-Hitches. They often don't! The following are also on our essential list: Bowline   ,Cleat Hitch,   Clove HitchFigure Eight KnotRolling HitchSheet Bend, and Square (Reef) Knot.

Basic Knots: The Basic Knots should be known by anyone using knots. These knots represent an essential minimum – the basis of many other knots. The section also explains the difference between some common knots: Half HitchHalf Knot and Overhand Knot.


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Knots Weaken Rope

They do!   Angles, kinks, and knots, stress the fibers unevenly and weaken rope. If this concerns you, you are using rope that is not strong enough. Some knots in some ropes have been claimed to only weaken a rope to about 80% of its rated strength; other knots can weaken some rope to as little as 40%. For safety, therefore, assume that even brand new rope will perform at no more than 50% of its rated breaking strength. And, if the rope is old, worn, or damaged by sunlight or chemicals - expect considerably less. For some useful test results visit Dave Richards' Knot Break Strength vs Rope Break Strength on the National Speleological Society Website and Tom Moyer's website for: High Strength Cord TestingEuro Death-Knot Testing, and Rope Gear and Testing,

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