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The DSC Hobie Library

All Hobi Tune Up Features 1

All Hobi Tune Up Features 2

Hobie Rigging Basics  PDF here X 

Hobi 16 parts Diagram

Parts terminology diagram 

Repair Instructions in DSC  (links page )

Training & rigging Pics

Tacking a Hobi Cat

Righting the Hobi Cat

Safety First Know your limits and the boats and the clubs.

Weather Helm Tuning part 1

Weather Helm Tuning part 2

Sailing by Tell Tales

Sailing in No Wind !

Sail Trim 

Sail Down Wind

Sailing Up Wind

Nose Down Method explained

Mast Rake  Methods 

Net LINKS for Cats

the Shroud / Forestay ? Click the RESOURCES link

Kim Miller the Expert Pages

Mfg. Hobie 16 Site

Racing Rules Summary

Recycling a HobiCat

Righting the Hobie

Safety First

Sailing Downwind

Sailing Upwind

Sailing Upwind with Tami S.

Tacking a Hobie Cat

The MultiHull web links

Tips from other Sites @ Cat44.com

Some of this information is also found at the Hobie Fleet 214 site.

Hobie Fleet 214 was formed in 1974 by a group of diehard Hobie Cat sailors in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. The Fleet is a member of the North American Hobie Class Association (NAHCA). Kim Miller and Steven Jung wrote some of these articles.

Hobie Fleet #214

and the Jericho Sailing Centre Association's regatta management team are prepared to face the ferocious feline competition this weekend with fearless confidence and courage because they know that, unlike most others, with a few well placed race marks and precisely measured sound signals, these cats are relatively easy to heard.~PAGEID~8FE8D5C148BF4123BB23

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