PreCambering Dolphin Striker


Precambering the Main Beam

by Small Craft Advisories Sailing Centers, Newport Beach, CA

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Your hulls and appendages (rudders) will go through the water straight if the dolphin striker has "precambered" the main beam. If you do not precamber the beam, when you gain mainsheet tension it will force compression on the mast and bend the beam.
This will cause the rudders to go through the water in a scewed position. Approximately 3/8" precamber is best. You may measure this by relaxing the pressure on the beam by turning the dolphin striker until the rod which runs through the dolphin striker rod is "soft" (ie moves easily when you grab it formly and pull on it. Then take a pice of line, stretch it from the right front corner casting to the left front corner casting and tape it into position. Mark a spot on the mainbeam directly below the mast with a magic marker and the take a ruler and measure the ditance from the line to the mark. Begin turning the dolphin strker rod until you have moved the beam upwards 3/8". That's it. 

This will also help to maintain headstay tension and will improve your pointing ability. 

Make sure you do this operation with the mast down. 

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