Remove Rudder Cam Screw LM

Removing Delrin Screw from Hobie 16 Lower Rudder Casting

By Lawrence Monteiro 

I tried two methods. Both worked but with one method the screw was not useable after removal. The better of the two methods is to drill a hole on either side of the factory hole (about 3/16 diameter worked well) so as to deepen the slot so that it will accept a flat blade screwdriver. If you are able to sink the blade deep into the delrin screw it will have no choice but to turn when you turn the screw driver. You may have to put a pipe wrench onto the screwdriver to get enough torque to actually turn the screw... but it will turn. 

The other method (the one I tried first) was to burn the damn screw with a propane torch. It turns into a soft plastic and you are left with plastic threads imbeded in the aluminum threads (kind of like a Helicoil). This obviously leaves you without a screw, but somewhat satisfied that you beat the screw. However, at $6.50 a screw (that's right, EACH) I advise the first method. In fact, I am planning on predrilling my new derlin screws before inserting them in the castings so that I don't have to try and do it down that long hole. A drill bit extension will probably be necessary for you to reach the screw when it is in place.
Lawrence Monteiro 

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