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INSTRUCTORS PAGE LOCAL   Sailing Schools and Private instructors 

— The rest of Canada - 

Thunder Bay  Joel Taylor,  All Seasons 

 Nova Scotia Dave DeWolfe  - Discovery Sailing 

Open Ocean long Passage  Ken & Carol Gillstrom on Voyager 10 10  

Canvas Biminis Dodgers 

SALTY BOUY marine canvass   

Winterizing your boat - Step By Step on land. In water batteries & Bilge Pumps    ( Jack helped ) 

      Music Food and Tides 

Irish Sessions live Sunday 5-8 pm at Wolfe and Hound 

Irish Wakers available for concerts and gigs.

Brian Robertson - the BC West writer of sailing and fishing songs 

GALLEY food deck, above the club

Tidal Prediction; Point Atkinson 7 Day

Currents Prediction Porlier Pass

Storm Surge - predictions for Flooding from High Tide and Storms 

MERS whale Logo

Tide Prediction; Other Places


Cetacean Research Programs  Humpback  & Whale Wise Population 

TAKE CARE OF THE OCEAN  Ocean Wise information page 

Marine Education Research Society  at Port McNeil 

The Marine Detective _ Jackie Hildering  Best water Photos North BC

randal Kat Fly Photos

Whale Warning Flag - lots of whales around, more to come 

Massive Photo Project of the BC Coast  - Randall & Kat's Flying Photos 

Plastic Pollution - We clean it up Wilderness Tourism asks that you stop it.

Tangaroa Blue came From Australia to to BC coast    ( Mathilde, Lucy & Dan )

The Polynesian / Haida connection 3000 years ago ? - they paddled & sailed canoes ?

Jerico Centre links

Jericho Sailing Centre Association

Windsure Windsurfing School

Locarno Sailing Club ( old SFU club)

Mac Sailing Academy

Jerico Outrigger Canoe Club


Barnet Sailing   and several other Local Big Boat Co-op sailing clubs

BCMCA photo

BC Coast Marinas a review of our coast, pictures and Charts

Burrard Marina  Community Association 

 You can be supporting our rights to safety & pleasure   BCMCA  marina map 

Weather Links Web Cams

Windy . com  is the flow patterns of todays winds direction and strength 

Strait of Georgia Marine Forecast

Vancouver current conditions      ( does not load on the Mac Browser Safari - for odd reasons )

Tide Prediction

Hakai WebCams

Webcam view of the Bay to Bowen Island Whistler, Deep Cove Van Cam live 

- Desolation Sound  to ShearWater - WebCams TULA & HAKAI  education foundation 

Good Multi Page Links Links

Taser Specs

Sailboat Data website 

Mark's "Thousand sailing links Page  From Apparent Wind com website

REI PaddleBoard

47 pages of indexed marine links.

Sailing links

How to Paddle a Paddle Board: Basic Strokes           

Path of the Paddle

Canoe with THE famous Canadian Bill Mason PATH OF THE PADDLE  

LIBRARY of free instruction articles and information from BoatSafe.

Location & speed of all commercial ships

Boat Safe website instruction 

International Safety regulations   ( nice summery by Texas Law Firm) 

How to ReName a Boat  

Canadian Coast Guard    ( The Safari Browser may reject this website  :-0  )

Simply Sailing School

Simply Sailing School from Vancouver to the Pacific Adventures

Cooper Sailing Courses & Charters Granville Island 

How to Sail on Your First try :     A Beginner's Guide & Links & Leave a CLEAN WAKE

Canadian Yachting Assn.

Lots of info from Pat's Boating across Canada

 Each year, it's estimated 12 million Canadians go boating in 8 million boats. 

 Nova Scotia  Dave's Discovery Sailing Boat, Michaela .

Underwater activity:   Diving & Submarines in England 

Find A Beach Camping Lakes Canoe 

helping people find lakes and beaches in their area. FIND A LAKE NEAR YOU! 

Spend time with the family Build a sandcastle Play in the water 

Buntzen Lake, Spanish Banks, and a thousand more.

Family Play WORLDWIDE for getting back to gentle safety ideas


for the Children protections = Scroll to the page bottom. 

Fleet links

BC Sailing Association

Canadian Yachting Association

Laser Class North American Region

Canadian Albacore Association

Cruising Stories around Vancouver & Coast. From 48' North Magazine.

Boat Parts

Repairs to the HobiCat & other boats.

Your Spirit Mind Brain & Body

Health Search, Migraine Headaches are avoidable

Define the ways your brain and body react to any trauma during your sailing: 

Start here:

Regardless of its source, an emotional trauma contains three common elements: 

• it was unexpected; 
• the person was unprepared; and 
• there was nothing the person could do to prevent it from happening. 

It is not the event that determines whether something is traumatic to someone, but the individual's experience of the event. And it is not predictable how a given person will react to a particular event. For someone who is used to being in control of emotions and events, it may be surprising - even embarrassing - to discover that something like an accident or job loss can be so debilitating. 

The healing is more than listening to the injured; it is attuning in a relation that embodies trust. Traumas are healed through relational intervention that fosters new neurological function. - This takes hours and your availability .


On Deck your Childhood experiences affect our ocean travel happiness: 

How does the social engagement system that regulates us into physiological balance fit in?

As you read you see


The Irish Wakers  sessions, Michael Burnyeat Fiddle, Craic and Sailing Clubs and Celtic Fest

Vancouver Open Door Music School 

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