Experience Counts

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Many people have played on a Sailboat,  You have Skill Sets: 

The question is:  can you manage adverse conditions or crowded waterways, do you know where the rocks are ?

During our conversation and subsequent checkout on the water, you can describe what you know on these topics:

Hours of dingy sailing in a small lake

Hours of dingy sailing in a windy ocean or large lake. 

Do you : Roller blade,  ski,  Snowboard,  bicycle a lot,  hike mountains, swim any distance.

Have you taken any Gymnastics training ? Tree Climbing, long distance Back Packing ?

Power boating: hours on various sizes under 10 Hp, Under 50 Hp,  Under 200 Hp,  and where ? 

Have you any hours on a rescue craft and any training in deep windy water rescue ? 

How old when you started / number of years using sailboats.

Types & size of boats you have crewed on

Types & size of boats you have Skippered

Locations of waters sailed.

Solo Skipper experience , weather, winds distances...

Navigation & Chart reading skills,  Electronic chart plotter skills,  Radar theory & use.

NOTE: the self taught person is often missing the aspects of teamwork and task assignments. Often safety and security for crew and self is different than safety for a lonely learner. It can also be slower,  and learning by mistakes can be expensive.

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