Training Pics in our yard


Training Sessions - - Hobie Cat -


Early June class . We will cover the theory and rules of rigging, capsize, and sailing. The care of boats is learned before we get practical work in wind & water. You may want to come with a wet suit. At present the water is Cold. Read some instructions here first.

Following here are some pictures to teach in a few words



The Rudders are held down in the water by a spring clip.

Find two people at least, for launching and pull out. 


..... Sails are big ,so raise them on the beach, into the wind...
Put in the plugs and keep the rudders and hull off the rocks and ramp..
Think first, plan the take off from the beach.

You go fast and need to plan your course. You have a different way of tacking. And you have a lot of ..leeway... the yard proper storage is good..

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