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WHERE:   1300 Discovery St. Kitsilano    phone # 604.224.4177 

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We are located at the Jericho Sailing Centre in Vancouver.  Drive west off 4 th Ave in Kits to Discovery St. then North past the Youth Hostel, turn right to the yard full of masts, and go to the office in the White building @ the beach. We are the family oriented Co-operative Club offering: sailing, Windsurfing, and kayaking to young families. We all share ownership and maintenance of the same boats. This can be your quality family time or for building your own skills and confidence.  

You can read more here Membership Forms in .PDF or pick a brochure up by the Jericho Sailing Centre office . The dingy class boats are free after you join.

Please sign the waver and send it in too - - E Mail us for more info.

• Learn in our training programs , May and June

Membership Costs

Our Keelboat, the 27 ft Canadian Sailcraft, has an expensive dock ,($4000.oo/year) under the Burrard St. Bridge. It comes with free car parking,  and it is just 5 minutes from the open water of English Bay.  You pay about $65.oo a day rate to sail it, this helps pay the dock fee, and we have universal CYA qualifications and an initial $100.oo skippers fee.

The Jericho Center provides all the space, the ramps, beaches, showers, rescue boat, trailers, heat, lights,  meeting rooms, fireside lounge, and lunch deck . 

 - no where else can you give your family Sailing & beach fun for less.

       2022  Discovery Club  Rates

               Annual Fees  

            Single_____ 275.oo

            Family_____ 350.oo                Light Spirit Skipper dock fee annual $100. 

           Novice Family_____ 225 

          Novice Individual  ____175.     (with family Permissions)

          Social Membership ____ 80. 

10 hours volunteer work.

All members who use dinghy sailing pay the Jericho fee of $99.  Keelboat only does not have to pay the Jericho fee. 

Please refer to the Official DSC website:

Membership types

Individual Membership
Basic membership gives a single person access to the entire fleet of dinghies, kayaks and SUPs at the Jericho Sailing Centre. To operate any craft on their own a member must be deemed qualified by a senior club member. While an individual member may occasionally bring a friend or family member to the club with them, if the same friends or family members are regularly operating club watercraft we ask that they also become club members and pay fees in order to equitably support the maintenance of the fleet. Individual members must also pay a separate fee to JSCA (see below).

Family Membership
An additional $75 above the basic fee provides a membership for your entire family (spouse, domestic partner, children and youth who are your dependents). Family members must also pay the separate JSCA Family member fee.

Novice Membership (Individual or Family)
For those with no sailing training we offer a one year option to join as a novice member in order to offset the cost of acquiring training. Novice members are not permitted to skipper any craft in the fleet and must always be out on the water with senior members until they can demonstrate the ability to handle a craft on their own. Novice memberships are also only good for one season. Renewing novice members must join at the regular member rate.

Social Membership
Social memberships are designed for long-term members (5 years or more) who no longer wish to operate the fleet but wish to support the club and to participate in social events and special club days. Social members have full voting privileges as club members.

Required JSCA Dues (1)
Separate from the DSC member fee, members must also pay a member fee directly to the Jericho Sailing Centre Association (JSCA) in order to gain access to those facilities. Members who belong to the club solely to use Light Spirit may opt out of paying JSCA membership fees, at which point they opt out of access to the club’s fleet at JSCA and to the JSCA facilities except during club social events or meetings.

Light Spirit Skipper (optional)
Our CS 27, Light Spirit, which is moored at the Burrard Civic Marina, is available for those who are qualified to sail a keelboat. All Light Spirit skippers pay an additional $100 per year skipper fee, as well as usage fees for half-day or full-day which vary from low to high season according to the table below. For additional rules around the use and booking of Light Spirit see the Light Spirit Use Policy.

PARKING  $$$ to the city 

Please be aware that the City of Vancouver always charges for parking, and will tow and ticket at the beaches and other sailing clubs for your stay. We can arrange a yearly pass for $80.oo, or you can bike or walk 4 blocks from free street parking. 

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