Lubricating Rudder Cams


Lubricating Rudder Cams

By Matt Miller, Hobie Cat Company

Grease them. 

Don't use a lite lube like silicone unless you do it every time you sail. I would use a marine bearing grease or even chap stick or anything that will not be washed off. Some people who have blowing sand may be better of with a lite spray lube that does not attract the sand and grit but you would have to do it often, but grease is the best. That is the way they come from the factory. Cams that are greased don't get stuck down as hard and don't get damaged the way a non lubed cam does. 

A rudder that slips aft under load is not adjusted correctly. Either redrill or adjust the upper cam plate to hold the rudder forward. 

From the inside...
Matt Miller
Hobie Cat Company

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