Laser  in DSC

JS Laser yard blue

We have 3,  the sails, mast, boom, rudder & Stabboard are in the designated slot in the clubroom.  3 Lasers  Stored in the West Yard, center racks. Bring a trailer, rig it infront of the club room, launch with the mainsheet loose, point into the wind on the beach, return trailer to fence. With boat just in the water clip on the rudder, with tiller UNDER the mainsheet stay. launch across the wind and slide in the centerboard.  When returning, lift the centerboard , and rudder before shallow water, coast to the beach, jump out and pull it bow to wind. Walk it into the beach lifting it onto the sand. Keep up the beach,  out of the lifting waves. 

Library to read the full instructions .  CLICK HERE

Rigging on land, watch how-to video by a young lady. : 

Sailing once you are great: Video of the best laser sailor in Au.

Video of how your develop your skills (for this simple little boat)

Ross Spencer, demo of rigging, launching, tacks, jibes, flipping, speed record and landing. 

The North America Laser Association :

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