Hobi Cat 14-16 in DSC


You need the training and supervision classes first. 

We have a 15 Knt wind limit to be out using the Cat !


Our two Hobi Cat 16's , are in the East yard in beside our other boats - right by the ramp. The 2 sails are flaked onto the boom tied around and slid into the long bag. They are in the designated station in the club room. The tiller and mainsheet blocks are with them. Take them all together to the yard, take a trailer from the fence along, and load the boat.  Pull it into the grass runway and assemble.  You may finish raising the sails on the beach once pointed to wind.  You do not want this to blow over in the yard. 

After use, sails are lowered on the trampoline, flaked & tied up. Most do it on the beach as it is easier to slide the trailer under it with no wind power. Wash and tuck back in parking spot, and return equipment to the room better than you found it. 

Hobie Rigging Basics PDF for download:  HERE X 

Photos rigging the Hobi on  our yard and beach  

There is an extensive library here for techniques and specific repairs if you break something. 

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