Points of Sail 

Point of Sail refers to where on the immediate course your boat is while the wind is providing the power source.


Points of Sail

Once you have the steering ability to hold a straight line on the water, you can then describe how the wind crosses your boat and affects the sail.  Remember, as soon as you change your direction you need to say the new direction the wind hits your boat from. 

It helps to think of it in simple terms at first.  Wind in your left ear is Port, your right ear starboard . So  wind on your right cheek is a starboard tack. 

There are other methods. One has it written on the side of the boom, as you look forward you read the sign " you are on a Starboard tack.  If you practice a bit by feeling the wind and comparing it with the movement of the sails, and the lean of the boat, your neurons will grow into the analytical filter system that makes you a sailor.  (Yep you can grow a Sailor Brain !)

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