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For 2013,  3 training levels. 

1  The Mentor or Sailing Buddy,  experienced Sailors on a particular craft will hang out with unexperienced.

2. The DSC couching and instruction days.  Our Professional trainer will walk us all through the learning.

3. * International Certificates * , through the Simply Sailing School. 




We have some exciting training opportunities for club members to tune up sailing skills.
Training will be provided, by our club member, sailing coach and CYA instructor, Joel Taylor. We are fortunate that Joel is offering his training at the most competitive price in town.
Please see the list of opportunities below.
Joel's Club Clinics - Dinghy's
Come out for evening teaching clinics using any of the club's dinghy's.
These will include some on land teaching, about 90 min of on water time followed by a debrief.

JLcarolinoel's Club Clinics - Light Spirit
1. Docking: Power handling, stop in place, parallel docking and T slip docking
2. Spinnaker: drill at dock, setup the gear, out for practice, spin only, then spin and main.
3. Safety skills: Reefing, Heaving To, Quick Stop Crew overboard recovery + Hoisting COB back on board

Light Spirit Mentoring
Anyone interested in mentoring (or considering mentoring) other club members on Aquavit, come on out to a mentors info dinner. Support is available to club mentors to ensure a standard set of skills is delivered by all.
When:  TBA at
For knowing #'s, please sign up:

Keel Boat Courses:

Simply Sailing 

1. CYA Basic Cruising Course - May 24th-27th.  This a comprehensive course for those with minimal keel boat experience and an interest in using Light Spirit PCOC test will also be given during this course. Interested participants are asked to contact, Joel Taylor directly (  The cost of the course will be $265/day divided by the number of participants. Maximum 5. Best rate in town, as most courses are over $600 pp/course.

2. PCOC, VHF Radio Operator license or Intermediate Cruising Course:
Email me or Joel if you are interested in a course, as Joel will instruct these courses, likely in May if there is an interest.
Note that a PCOC certificate is a Transport Canada requirement to use any motorized boat including Aquavit.

3. Coastal Navigation:
Very useful course if you are planning to sail Aquavit beyond English Bay.
Let me know if you'd like to take this course, as we have an instructor that is qualified to teach this.

4. For more information about other marine courses:
  (Joel's site)
         (Simply Sailing)

Discovery Sailing Club Training Coordinator

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