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 Discovery Club is a small, friendly club ideal for families and the recreational sailor.    We are a shared-ownership cooperative at:     Jericho Community Center..     

                RIGGING THE BOATS 

      TBA:  Saturday, in April , 10 am we all gather with old & new friends \, to wash the boats off and set them up for summer

 Join DSC 2019:  learn or enhance your skill.

 Whether you are an experienced sailor or a newcomer to the water play, the Discovery Sailing Club offers an affordable way to enjoy the experience of sailing.

We are a non-profit cooperative, which operates out of Jericho Sailing Centre where we have a fleet of sailing dinghies and ocean kayaks. 

Members share in the work of growing & learning to maintain the boats,  the clubroom,  and in the day-to-day running of the club. This way, we are able to keep our fees to a very reasonable level.  A certain amount of generosity on your part is the norm.  

All people join the Jericho Association first.  Discovery  is one of the clubs, in the association,  you can join. 

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