Light Spirit Maintenance


this page will be updated   April 2017  for the new Canadian Sailcraft 27

FYI: The GPS is yet to be installed. 

The Fairleads for Dock Lines may be leaking into the Balsa Sandwich. 

In the Hold we have the Bosins Box, the Donated Honda Dingy Motor, the BBQ, Life Raft pumps, and intake for the mandatory hand powered Bilge Pump. 

Our Chart supply was lost to rain blowing in the hatch cover.  Some are still available. But we rarely go out of English Bay, so this rack is empty. 


  The Deck is composed of a gel-coated fiberglass mold, over a Balsa Wood Core, and supported by the interior ceiling liner .  This is strong until water leaks through any of the 100 screws used to fasten hardware in place. The conscious boat owner will check for leakage:


They will then remove the screws and hardware, so they can get a look at the little hole for the bolt. It may have to be dried out with a small fan . blow dryer,  Acetone, days of sunshine, shielding, or whatever. Then it needs be cleaned, perhaps sanded for good adhesion. Replace the bolt with a coating of 3M 4300 / or Circaflex, and enough to bed the hardware.  Clean Up is with  Methyl Alcohol.  

   Our Switch panel, can be replaced, but it works as is. Just not too logical with the add-ons. All lights should be LED. The Anchoring Light is already LED. 

The Cabin roof has an air vent. It always gets broken when the mainsail is taken down. It needs to go away, and the hole sealed with a heavy plexiglass window and minimal frame. 

Or seal it with Fiberglass board & composites, then install a era-battery powered LED dome light inside. 

There is a screw on cover in the cabin shelf that would work well. 

The Cabin privacy curtain can be redesigned, to look classy,  but it works as is. 

The Wiring is difficult to get routed and tucked away. It really should be in a flex casing or shielding.  If routed creatively it can be self supporting. Otherwise, this fastened to the wall.  Screws need be no longer than 5/8, as it causes future water leaks. 

 It is better to use 5 minute epoxy tabs. 

This is what a bit of tape does. in the bstern hold under the cockpit. Someone could lay down and remove this stuff and clip the wires into a protective tube and fasten it better. 

Here see the wires Just below the Switch Panel and the working , but old,   Stereo Speaker; 

FOREPEAK Port wires and water damaged wood above the Head.


ForeDeck has a sealed over tiny hole for the dropping in of an anchor line. This Hause Hole cover  always was useless, except for removing knee caps. A larger one is in storage. But members rarely use the anchor, and store the Spinnaker inside the Chain Locker instead,  where it stays dry.  

SO remove this fitting and fiberglass it over with Gel-Coat matching. 

DockLine FairLeads  are mounted on decaying teak wood blocks. These need be checked / replaced, and the Thru Hull bolts need be resealed with SicaFlec / 3M

     The Pulpit railing was bent in a Dock Collision, we leave it there as it may fracture the Stainless piping if bent again. It is strong as is.

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