Canadian made by K Christie .

Christie Cookie Company (burnaby)2

This vast amount of almonds are the interest here, aromas of the cookie & the toasted nuts. Lingering improves it before the next bite brings out the crunch.Just a plain old cookie is what you see and pass up...

Come On Dec 13, Friday to An Irish Christmas !

Pecan Shorts

Or was it ?  We do not sell Eye Candy,  we give away flavor creations. Each goodie has multi levels of flavor and texture. Contrast is added at times. 

How do you eat one?  Slowly,  smell- aroma,  a small bite,  ( lips clean first eh !)  ask and look for the way each comfort flavor arises and flows into to the next,  yet recalling the first. 

If you just want to wolf down quantity with drinks, go to the store shelf.  We are about taste.

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