It is no secret.   You are  present in the moment,  (mostly) -  YES !

 Do you expect to be "Entertained" by a spectacle  or are you a creator of your future life ?

PimentChocotoo golden brown

To be clear, we all have a memory of what things are like - and being busy thinking about other things or talking about other things,  there is a chance we wolf down the food. 

Eating too fast combines all our time sequenced flavors into one.  Except when it is all over, then it lingers.

Are you tasting what your mother made ?

Is your brain already set up with filters of what to believe in, and what to ignore? 

Pisssst, the secret is here;   Your future is made up of what you repeat everyday here and now.  So all we ask is simply taste the present,  decide to use it for your future memories and to direct your future experiences. 

A Christie Cookie savored brings you -  to be present in the moment !

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