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Biscotti Almond Cranberry

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The vast amount of almonds are the interest here, aromas of the cookie & the toasted nuts. Lingering improves it before the next bite brings out the crunch.

Biscotti Cranberry

Actually the almonds and extract bring the cranberry to the nose first, and contrast the baked to crusty over soft taste in each bite.

biscotti Espresso Hazlenut

  The aroma of a light roast - not burnt espresso- chocolate of Mocca tantalizes, warmth then expressed in the nibbling to the first large Hazelnut, and the mind drifts back as the coffee returns and lingers. 

Biscotti Pecan - hazels

 Must be crisp on the surface to send the toasted Hazels up first through the aromas of 2 chocolates, then the Demerrara changes the scene to sweet island sunshine, then the nuts return to linger. Clear with coffee and nibble again.

Hot Butter Shorts & Pecans

hazelnut Shorties:

 Warm nut aroma of the fall harvest, toasted then whacked to crumbs, contrasted with the chip of a cranberry from the other field, captured in the mellow tones of true butter shortbread. Best in the small nibble and savor as it changes to aromatic satisfaction that lasts. No hurry here.

Hazel nuts

     Hot Butter Shorties   (no additives )The baked butter of winter aroma, nibble a corner for the mmuuummm of slow baked wheat - where the enzymes make malt, then the after glow .

 Tripple ginger -

 sliced thin and baked at 350 for 12 minutes .   Aroma , then snap, then sweet then comfie then eyes wide with ginger, then it mellows to an aromatic lingering,  fading to the next nibble.

Very crisp mostly oatmeal and butter and demerrara and walnut - One can appreciate the variety of tastes and flavors from just one of these is a complete constellation experiences of what a cookie should be.

Local field blurberries         

     at peak of flavour, never heated enough to lose that "awake - I am a real Blueberry" flavour- but still a low sugar compote, resting in the bowl of oatmeal to nourish the soul.

      The Tripple Ginger cookies:      actually a thinly sliced snap.  Baked only enough to snap, and athe aromatic ginger - demerara combo brings it to your nose, thence to the snap of the nobble, the comfort of sweetness baked then eyes wide at the first ginger crystal, and following a lingering earthy comfort. All before the next nibble.  _ Not recommended as a source of nutrition or calorie intake.

Well, if is as an appetizer:      

it needs the taste-bud jump of a  "chilli garlic"  pinch, followed by distinct and massive cheese and toasted oats world of differences.

Before you roast these little guys check for the balance of red chili and yellow cheese gratings

The cranberry shortie  

is not too sweet as the slow roast is to get the enzymes to lean it toward a malt. The cranberry chips need be enough to see and taste contrast.  The nibblier takes time to appreciate the differences and multi-flavors.

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