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. . . . . . This is a summer website for The Jericho Folk Club

Upstairs in Vancouver's Ocean Access Community Centre - between Jericho Beach and Spanish banks at the north end of Discovery Street.
This is where folksingers go to hear good music up close.
         Michael Pratt & Lynn McGowan are dynamic leaders and a joy to have here in the Vancouver Folk and Roots scene.
They are the founders of the Jericho Folk Club, now in its 16 th year.
You will find a well attended showcase for accomplished local and international musicians. logo

Lynn & Michael

Pretty Lynn


Celtic Traditions

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3721 West 10th Ave

Vancouver 604-222-2299

All the best see you there.

Michael and Lynn

Come to the beach Tuesday evening
7:30-8 Jam Session,
8-9 Open Stage - sign up to play your two songs,
9-10 The feature performers as listed below:

Jericho Sailing Centre
1300 Discovery St.  Vancouver B.C.
Phone: 604-222-4113
                                              $10.00 Admission

August 27th

The Chimney Swallows

The Chimney Swallows are songwriters
Raghu Lokanathan and Corwin Fox.Their collaboration began with a series of gigs on
the library picket lines in 2007. Over the half dozen tours together in the
years that followed, they came to feel that something had taken shape worth
giving a name to- The Chimney Swallows. They aim to set songs free to be all
they can be, from art to protest to mischief to prayer.

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September 3rd


Blackthorn are a Vancouver based Celtic
folk group whose repertoire celebrates the traditional music of Ireland and
Scotland. From lively jigs and reels to heart-wrenching airs and ballads,
savour the melodies and intricately woven harmonies that bring this music to
life in a new way, mixed with humour and above all else, fun.

September 10th

Six at the Table

Vancouver CD release of WRAP ME IN GOLD the debut recording of  SIX AT THE TABLE,
which is, as the name might not suggest, a trio. Here the powerful,
sweet and moving voices of well-known Vancouver singers Lynn McGown and Michael
Pratt are accompanied on Hang by David Kaetz, resulting in an altogether fresh
take on contemporary compositions and traditional folksongs.

September 17th

Fraser Union

Fraser Union (Roger Holdstock, Henk Piket, Barry Truter) are sometimes introduced as "The Kings of Chorus".
They've been making music for decades, be it acapella or accompanied by guitars, mandolins,
dobro and harmonica.Their repertoire incorporates a rich stew of BC and
Canadian "songs that tell stories"

September 24th

The Wakers

The Wakers play traditional Irish music with passion and heartfelt wonder.
Their performance of  lively jigs, reels, hornpipes, polkas, & waltzes combined with songs and shanties
is guaranteed to get your toes tapping! Instruments include fiddle, bodhran,
guitar, Irish flutes and whistles. The 'Wakers' were a featured band at Irish
House 2010 during the Olympics. And the Princeton Traditional Music Festival.

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We also teach and Mentor Celtic & Folk Musicians

We are more than just Sweaters & Caps


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